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Like A Paradise
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Monday, August 26, 2013 • 8:28 AM • 0 comments

 Hey there mick jagger lol jk xD i mean hey there people i'm here yaw! lol
actually, today i feel like i wanna update smtg and yes... PMR is FXKING NEAR MAN. *cries and rofl and dies* lol and SALAM AIDILIFITRI 

Okay, so i wanna talk abt what just happen today. like seriuosly, i dont hv any spirit to go to school at all ((well most of the time)) but thats just me??? hmmm idk. If you notices that today i didnt talked a lot what i do is laughing a LOT. tho its inapporiciates times. lol i don't know whats wrong wth me today..  i feel sad for no reason   and i'm waiting somthing that i know it would never happen. oh man. 

you know how hard is it to handle this unstable feelings? and do you know how much i hate my guy friends in my classmate. oh gOD they're so annoying today especially that "A" guy. i mean like ishhhh... really really makes me wanna give him a highfive with a brick on the face. ANNOYING LEVEL 28437894983612896912863826381263612938128631283681263182 lol not gomen for the numbers.
okay, bck to the topic... 

How can i calmed when my heart is full of hatred? Astarghfiruallah... ya Allah please help me;_; but i wanna really to say is
"I thank to Allah for giving me strength
I thank to  Allah for always stay bymyside
I thank to Allah for giving me chance to stay alive
I thanks to Allah for all the things i had.
I appericiate what comes
I learn how to let go
I learn that whatever comes inyour heart you must put a smile on your face
no matter how hard the situation is must always know that 
ALLAH. is there for us"

YES. this is what comes in my mind tho, actually i have family and friends problem but i must face it. its hurt but what can i do... i accept for how i am now i accept the reality. I'm letting him go..... its for his happiness... letting him go is the only way to makes this things clear. thinking about him will only makes my hearrt hurts and the pain on my chest the feeling that your hert being stabbed down with a sword... is HURT. 
but.. Alhamdulilah.. i didn't do any unecessary thing. Kept all the feelings by yourself. That is what i'm trying to do right now. 

I'm struggling to get 8A's for PMR... i tried very hard to do maths. i cried bcse why am i so stupid. my feelings is so mix up. mybe you guys will think that i'm joking/stupid crying bcse you can't do maths? hahahahaha seriously. NO i'm not joking. and i don't need your pityness. but i just wanna said how suffer i am right now. i don't blame others. i blame myself why must i do it from the start? do you know how hard is it for me to the maths. when i looked all of my friends can do the maths and i'm here standing besides them... tho... i'm like this... i want to make others to think that i'm always happy... yes i am...

" I'm happy with my life now.. I will keep living like this untill the right time for me to love someone else. i keep wondering when will i ever love someone else when in my mind i keep thingking about him. its eating me apart... I will tried my best to always stay how i am now. yes, right now. the happy MAIRA.. the energetic MAIRA the talkative MAIRA

((I'm sorry if my grammar or whatsoever is bad... i tried to do it in english bcse i feel like to so NOT GOMEN any comments about my grammar....yeah feel free to critize about my grammar... and judging me right from the blog feel free to do it so. bcse this is me and i will always be me))

i want someone to see how hurt i am now. 

till here~ adios ~ x00000x

Sincerely, Maira-chan <33


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