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Like A Paradise
Out of No where~
Saturday, July 27, 2013 • 12:13 AM • 0 comments

Hey guys ~

Hows your day? yay! its alrdy RAMADAN! <3 Salam Ramadan semua! ((tau lambat)) but never mind.
okay, so... puasa tak?? hahaha okay JK. Hows my blog? I edit it a little ((its a lot actually)) and also, My blogs song  is exact of my feels rn hehehehe. Its a japanese song i found it on tumblr and idk what is the name of the song~ but HEY GUYS I'M BACK!

back to the main topic, I'm here right now guys!! hahaha, actually.. laptop rosak meh. so dah lama x update pergh =.=. Abang belikan computer yeah and so i'm updating using a computer wow. lama gila sia tak guna com hahaha laptop pula mungkin akan dibaiki lepas PMR. oh, right PMR yeah  about that hahaha. I'm studying for PMR now :D. 2 months ahead! pergh. my trial result is the worst. ;__; 
I've been grounded actually. but today idk.. my bro left the internet.. i think he did it on purpose ROFL.

I didnt online twitter. why? No you dont want to know. secret desu~ jajahahaha okay JK. so, yeah I love my gif. I mean the gif i posted. hahaha THE FEELS ARE DEEP MAN. yeah, idk what to post actually. just 
I think I'm okay with my current situation. hmm, really? idk. Kinda tired and kinda wanna break down. but what cn i do? even my friends thought that I'm annoying. uGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD MAN.  well not all of my friends just a few them. apak ah. id k what to said. i keep it to myself why? bcse i'm tired of people who likes to judge when we are in the middle of breakdown.

I  tell my feelings to 3/1000000 of my friends. lol. okay nevermind. ignore this. I'm in the middle of searching my lost friend and her name is pijah. okay i called her faizah and pijah. She is not exactly lost but I'm lost contact with her. idk hubungan kami renggang sejak tahun lepas. maybe bcse things had change. PEOPLE CHANGE MY DEAR. yeah i know and that what makes people weak. ugH. what can we do? Its the cycle of life. yeah. I've been thingking too much lately and I'm kinda tired. thinking bout my friends and HIM.

"HIM? you still can't get over him? C'mon he's happy without you he even have his own girlfriend now"
Yeah guys. I know he alrdy SOMEONE's. and i wish forggeting people would be that easy you know. Move on is the hardest thing to do. id k why people keep telling me to move on. I'm here and I'm alive. moving on sometimes doesnt work you know ((just saying))  bcse eventhough, you said you're alrdy move on but when you see them with someone else you know you will feel this part of you that wanna break down. hmm. it takes time you know. for me, I never forget my EX bcse i never truly loved them ((cinta monyet ROFL)) but when it comes to HIM idk why.....

Its different. The feelings is different. He's the first one that makes me suffer like this. suffereing bcse i lose him. what an idiot am i. He's like my first love...... OKAY STOP. 
I dont want to talked abt him actually. but.... HE STILL STUCK IN MY MIND JUST WTF IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN. *mental breakdown ROFL like a buffalo for like 5 minutes and then come again* Hey~ I'm not cool with this.I can still smile, laughing and fangirling. I will enjoy myself as much as i could. that's what am i doing rn.  I'm gonna be fine :) 

Someone please notice me that I'm not okay 

till here 
-Maira-chan xoxoxox- (( ROFL at the xoxoxox))

Sincerely, Maira-chan <33


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