Like A Paradise
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Like A Paradise
Thursday, November 1, 2012 • 11:46 AM • 0 comments

Why must i feel this. Why. I want you so much....
How i wish i never say that again. 
Trust me, all i want is you. Only you... why its hard......
Why its so hard... Did i just fell so hard?
Yes. I do. I falll toooo hard.
All i want is to be with you. Only you. cse ur mine and I'm all yours.
Why its hard to do? will you tell me?
I want to be perfect for you. But i'm not.
I'm just a trouble maker who keep people 'annoy' people.
I just don't want you to go and leave me alone. please.
Stay with me. I will be glad to have you by my side. 

Sincerely, Maira-chan <33


Hello there Humans.I'm the president.My name is Siti Nur Humaira you can call me Humaira,Maira or Michan 17+.Ace,Law,Zoro
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