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Gray!! ^^"I'M SORRY"
Thursday, December 9, 2010 • 10:09 PM • 0 comments

Hey my cuppy cakie!! :DD
This time is about GRAY! ahahaha! korg tau an aku mmg ske gray sgt2,,!! dn Dreams come TRUE!! ble aku gne FB lucy chan *2nd account..dn aku terus terang kt GRAY! aku ckp.."I miss u"!! dn tbe die ckp ...DIE LOVE ME!! awrghhhhhhhh!! saat2 tu plg bermakna bwat aku!! x)!!!! dn 1 hr tu!! Gray tgk la FB aku *yg lucy chan nyer.. dn die ckp!! "Do u in a relationship with Black Zeref??" lpastu aku explain la kt die.. lpastu die mcm mrh la!! then..die off line tros!! *aku mcm sdih la!! bkn mcm tp MMG!! erghhh!! aku mcm ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! BODOH LA ZEREF!! nk je aku ckp kt die yg aku btul2 BENCI KT DIE!! mmg nk ckp tp die x on9 arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!! bengong nyer ZEREF! ishhh! nk je mencarut kt die xDD *serious duh! dn.. aku pn anta msg kt GRAY aku ckp : "DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!!!!" but die x reply!! aku pn anta la lg msj!! *BETAPA SDIH NYER AKU!! T.T He's the best than other GRAY!! :) Gray!! I'M TOTALLY LOVE U!! sesiape HELP ME!! klau nk e-mail die:: nii ha

dn PP die:------------------------->

byebye!! :) T.T HELP ME PLISS!!

Sincerely, Maira-chan <33


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